Breakfast Links for 11/20/12 – Nose-Cell Transplants and Dogs; A Pro-Life Death Penalty Advocate; Petraeus, Men and Sex

BREAKFAST LINKS 11/20/12: Fergus Walsh, BBC News Health: Nose-Cell Transplant Helps Paralyzed Dogs to Walk Alan Noble, Patheos/Christ and PopCulture: “Rather than heal our racial divide, Obama supporters’ constant use of the race card seemed to create significantly more conflict between whites and blacks. And a study has provided evidence for escalated conflict.” Rachel Held [Read More…]

Morning Hash: Bounties on Movie-Making Copt, Smartest Dogs, and Sopranos in Space

Morning Hash BREAKFAST LINKS: Bounty on Anti-Muslim Filmmaker: a “religious cleric” in Afghanistan has offered a bounty of $300,000 to anyone who kills the maker of the film that has angered Muslims world-wide. The Pakistan Taliban ponied up an additional $100,000, and a former Pakistani legislator has also offered $200,000 for the death of the [Read More…]

Morning Report, August 4: Birthers, Truthers, Class Consciousness, Gay Marriage, and the Depressing Truth About America

1.  What does it say about American society that nearly 1 in 10 of us are on anti-depressants?  Reuters reports: “Significant increases in antidepressant use were evident across all sociodemographic groups examined, except African Americans,” Dr. Mark Olfson of Columbia University in New York and Steven Marcus of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia wrote [Read More…]