Guest Post: Books to Help You Survive College with Your Faith Intact

I’m pleased at last to present the final installment of this series on remaining faithful in your college years, from two Christian academics and philosophers I greatly respect, Douglas Groothuis and Sarah Geis. As with all guest posters, their opinions (and book recommendations in this case) are their own, and the title is mine. I’d [Read More…]

Christians and Campus Life

Editorial Note: This is the fourth installment in John Mark Reynolds’ series on Christians and higher education.  See Part One, Part Two and Part Three.  * The most powerful person in a college student’s life is often the resident advisor: ill paid, but ideologically driven. Classroom time is not the only learning time.  When I talk [Read More…]

Why You Should Attend a Christian College – And Why You Should Not

On Christian Colleges By John Mark Reynolds Government schools are less expensive, because you have been paying for them, are paying for them, and will be paying for them through taxpayer subsidies for the rest of your life. So, not using them is a tough financial choice. Most Christian colleges receive indirect support from the [Read More…]

The Christian Educator’s Dilemma

Editor’s Note: From John Mark Reynolds, Provost of Houston Baptist University: Complain about Beyoncé at the Super Bowl and you’re a prude: after all, Beyoncé in her underwear is just like Elvis grinding his clothed hips. Point out that education is making little use of technological tools, dressing up mid-twentieth-century techniques in shiny applications, and you’re [Read More…]

No Backing Down Against Teachers Unions

The coalition in defense of educational failure is comprised of teachers unions, the Democratic Party, and media/entertainment elites. Could education reform be one of the great objectives for Christians in the twenty-first century? Could it be the issue that brings white evangelicals and minority Democrats together? Films like “Won’t Back Down” show the way. [Read more…]