Breakfast Links: Cultural Christianity; Virginity and Voting; When Leadership Fails


BREAKFAST LINKS: Tim Dalrymple, Patheos: “They do not witness Christ.  What they present is a watered-down, compromised, milquetoast Christianity.  In other words, what they offer is NOT Christianity, and it tarnishes the name of the church and misleads many.” Matthew Sheffield, New Obama Add Likens Voting for Him to Losing Virginity Philip Jenkins, Patheos: [Read More...]

A Christian Vision for Kingdom Politics: Immanentize the Eschaton!


Rather than seek to Christianize the state and use it to restore a Christian social consensus, believing citizens should call the state to its true purpose—to serve justice, and by extension, the kingdom of God. This is Christians’ role in politics, and their service, both to the Lord and to their fellow man. [Read more...]

Persuade this Uncommitted Voter


If you’re like me, you already know the candidate for whom you will vote.  You also want to do what’s reasonably within your power to help place (or keep) the right man behind the Resolute desk — but you don’t have a whole lot of interaction with uncommitted voters. Well, here’s your chance. A friend [Read More...]

Why Evangelicals Should Defend Mormons from Mockery, Part 1


At a recent meeting of the Faith Angle Forum, Richard Mouw of Fuller Seminary, one of the elder statesmen of American evangelicalism, told a story of attending a series of talks in the 1950s by Walter Martin, a famous counter-cult apologist.  In the fourth lecture, Martin spoke of Mormonism.  Mouw recalls: We knew that there [Read More...]

Breakfast Links: Flag-waving, Exceptionalism, Lincoln’s Letter from God


BREAKFAST LINKS: Karen Spears Zacharias: “Politicians like to wrap themselves in flags.  Servicemen like my father are just buried under them.” Keith Koffler, White House Dossier: Romney’s Rope-a-Dope Ezra Klein, Washington Post: The Last Debate in Graphs Drew Dixon: “Of course we think America is special, we live here and in many ways it is special. [Read More...]