America Meets Reverend Romney

In a post entitled “Three Course Corrections: An Open Letter to Mitt Romney,” I wrote back in January that Romney should not be afraid to “let his faith flag fly.”  I took some heat from some of my friends for criticizing the campaign openly, but my intention was to be constructive, so I forwarded the [Read More…]

Why Barack Obama’s Debate Performance is Irrelevant

It was unsurprising that President Obama performed better on Long Island than he did in Denver.  If there is one thing his friends and foes agree upon when it comes to the character of Barack Obama, it’s that he’s intensely competitive.  According to reports, Obama did not know how poorly he had performed in Denver. [Read More…]

News Flash: Atheists Hate Romney

The Secular Coalition of America has released its candidate scorecard for 2012 and, to the absolute astonishment of absolutely nobody, Romney receives a failing grade. [Read more…]

Why We Need More Religion in Politics, Not Less

Last week I received another expression of a very common sentiment in the comments box at Philosophical Fragments — and the commenter wished it known that she was “not a libertine” but a 50-year-old former-Christian woman with a long marriage and three children, two in the military.  She wrote: George Bush and his supporters were a [Read More…]

Breakfast Links: Libya Denial, President Screwtape, Romney and Cults

BREAKFAST LINKS: Dan Balz: A Critical Week in America Andrew McCarthy at NRO: Denying the Libya Scandal Fabulous Felix: Faster Than Sound Pakistanis Rally for Girl Who Was Shot Isaac Sharp: Screwtape for President Paul de Vries: Why Pray When You Can Worry About Election Day Nick Hahn at RCR: When Hulkamania Runs a Little Too Wild Another Ridiculous Attempt [Read More…]