Breakfast Links: Libya Denial, President Screwtape, Romney and Cults


BREAKFAST LINKS: Dan Balz: A Critical Week in America Andrew McCarthy at NRO: Denying the Libya Scandal Fabulous Felix: Faster Than Sound Pakistanis Rally for Girl Who Was Shot Isaac Sharp: Screwtape for President Paul de Vries: Why Pray When You Can Worry About Election Day Nick Hahn at RCR: When Hulkamania Runs a Little Too Wild Another Ridiculous Attempt [Read More...]

Biden’s HHS Mendacity


Earlier today I assailed Joe Biden’s incoherent view on abortion.  His assertion regarding the HHS mandate was not so much morally incoherent as it was just blatantly false.  I don’t mean “misleading” or “lacking context” or “a matter of perspective” or “it depends on your definition” (all of which seems to pass for “lying” in [Read More...]

Joe Biden’s Remarkable Incoherence on Abortion

Joe Biden, vice-president

The ill-tempered aggression of Joe Biden — whether he was laughing and grinning in the first half or growling and shouting in the second — made the Vice Presidential debate last night a painful thing to watch.  Biden was clearly eager to heed the call of Obama supporters to go on offense and attack Romney/Ryan. [Read More...]

Five Surprising Responses to the First Presidential Debate


Romney was the clear winner of the first Presidential debate tonight.  He answered questions about his preparedness.  He achieved what he wanted to achieve.  He changed the narrative.  He demonstrated remarkable control of data and detail.  And he fought back effectively against the caricatures of him that have gained currency in American media and pop [Read More...]

Mitt: Make the Moral Case for Capitalism


Arthur Brooks nails it in this video.  Data-driven arguments on behalf of free-market capitalism will not prevail over moral arguments that appeal to “fairness” and the plight of those the market leaves behind.  In the marketplace of ideas, for the vast majority of people, “It’s immoral” will defeat “It works” every time. This is a [Read More...]