Breakfast Links for 11/14/12 – Jesus Jokes, A Country Unhinged, Destroying the Sphinx


BREAKFAST LINKS 11/14/12: Joel J. Miller, Patheos/Joel J. Miller: “There is an all-or-nonthingness to the war of the heart. The self-satisfied are too easily comforted by other means. But the desperate push on because they realize they have no other choice.” Edward Blum & Paul Harvey, Belief Blog: What All Those Jesus Jokes Tell Us [Read More...]

Breakfast Links for 11/13/12 – God’s Wild Mercies, God Will Let You Down, Stages of Religious Persecution


BREAKFAST LINKS 11/13/12: Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington: Thoughts on the 5 Stages of Religious Persecution Dwight Longnecker, Patheos/Standing On My Head: “God’s mercy takes us where the wild things are. We encounter God and it was not what we thought.” Frank Viola, Patheos/Frank Viola: “Get clear on this: God will let you down. He [Read More...]

An Unvarnished View of Why Republicans Lost


The time for mourning has come and gone.  Before we can rebuild, we need to understand what failed in the first place. First of all, we did not have the wrong guy.  All the conservatives who fought for a non-Romney in the primaries, and then rallied behind Romney and found themselves quite pleased with him when [Read More...]

Mourning in America


What I feel today is sadness. Sadness for what might have been. Sadness for the future I fear will come. And sadness that America is losing her way. [Read more...]

A Prayer on the Morning of the Election

Praying Hands

This is an exceedingly important election — and yet there comes a time when you must rest from all the work you’ve done on behalf of your convictions, and await the outcome with trust in God.  Here is my prayer today: You, almighty God, hold the nations in the palm of your hand.  You work all [Read More...]