The Absolute Integrity of the Human Person

Wow.  A powerful piece from David Mills at First Things on some horrific medical experiments — in the interest of finding a cure to Syphilis — and on the moral quandary they pose for your average relativist bioethicist: What makes what Cutler did so wrong? The members of the commission pointed almost uniformly to his [Read More…]

Wisdom from Jonah Goldberg? First Principles of Politics

I sometimes find Jonah Goldberg over-the-top, but I thought he made an excellent point in his “Goldberg File” today.  He told a story of a family on a road-trip.  The wife wrote “Help. Please God.” in the dust on the back of the car when they were about to begin a long drive.  One of [Read More…]

Can Homosexuals Change Their Desires? – From the Mailbox

A recent post, “Is Homosexuality Voluntary?“, asked whether homosexual desires, or sexual desires more generally, can be shifted (or “cultivated”) over time.  I received a letter from a good friend, whom I will call JH.  After saying some nice complimentary things that needn’t be repeated here, JH wrote: …It seems to me that there are [Read More…]