When Do You Stop Calling Someone an Evangelical?

Terry Mattingly raises an interesting question at the excellent GetReligion blog: When do we stop calling someone evangelical?  And who decides? The occasion for the question is Brian McLaren’s action, shortly after his son’s same-sex wedding ceremony (officiated by a Universal Life minister), to conduct “a commitment ceremony with traditional Christian elements for family and [Read More…]

If You’re Selling Scorn for Conservative Christians, the Market is Hot

I recently wrote a piece entitled “What if the Culture War Never Happened,” where I encouraged progressive evangelicals — who publicly blame the conservative Christians (largely of the prior generation) of the “culture wars” for giving Christianity a bad name and driving people away from the church — not to accept uncritically what their liberal confreres [Read More…]

Who Owns the Chapel?

The property battle between denominational bodies and the local churches that disaffiliate from them is heating up—and the list of congregations that suddenly find themselves homeless has grown longer. Less than two months after the Georgia Supreme Court ruled in favor of the denominational bodies in two church property cases in that state, a county [Read More…]

The Travesty of the Texas Evangelical Summit: And Four Lessons It Teaches

We all know the outlines of the story.  Alarmed by the increasing likelihood that Mitt Romney would top the GOP ticket for 2012, several conservative evangelical leaders — James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, Donald Wildmon, head of the American Family Association, and Gary Bauer, former president of the Family Research Council — [Read More…]

Rick Santorum Interview: How JFK Misled the Country on Faith and Politics

Perhaps it was providential that my hard drive was damaged and I couldn’t extract the interview with Senator Santorum until recently.  After all, now that Rick Santorum is a top-tier candidate for the GOP nomination, it’s much more interesting. When I interviewed former Senator Rick Santorum about faith and politics back in October of 2010, [Read More…]