Ten Things I Believe About Evangelicals and Same-Sex Marriage

Let me make several things clear, in response to all the conversation that’s erupted over my Question of the Week on Monday: Is it Time for Evangelicals to Stop Opposing Gay Marriage?: I believe that the sexual union for which we were created is the union of male and female in the context of the [Read More…]

Is it Time for Evangelicals to Stop Opposing Gay Marriage?

I will begin posting a Question of the Week here on each Monday.  This is intended as a way of inviting Patheos bloggers, or other bloggers for that matter, and all of our readers collectively, to address a question together and offer different viewpoints.  But it’s hoped that we will go beyond offering an array [Read More…]

Why Evangelicals Should Defend Mormons from Mockery, Part 1

At a recent meeting of the Faith Angle Forum, Richard Mouw of Fuller Seminary, one of the elder statesmen of American evangelicalism, told a story of attending a series of talks in the 1950s by Walter Martin, a famous counter-cult apologist.  In the fourth lecture, Martin spoke of Mormonism.  Mouw recalls: We knew that there [Read More…]

The Future of Evangelicalism Online

Evangelicals are neither loved nor respected in the American public square.   This is due in part to our enduring and principled commitment to truths and values the rest of mainstream society rejects, and in part to a tendency in media and academia to present a caricature of evangelicalism that elides its virtues and exaggerates its [Read More…]

When Do You Stop Calling Someone an Evangelical?

Terry Mattingly raises an interesting question at the excellent GetReligion blog: When do we stop calling someone evangelical?  And who decides? The occasion for the question is Brian McLaren’s action, shortly after his son’s same-sex wedding ceremony (officiated by a Universal Life minister), to conduct “a commitment ceremony with traditional Christian elements for family and [Read More…]