Daily Fragments: Touring Slums, Black Swans, Facebook and Big Bird

Daily Fragments for 10/10/2012: Quotations The Moral Hazard of Slum Tourism: “I felt as if I were intruding into a sacred place…a place that I knew nothing about.  And I was ashamed, as if we were making a spectacle of these people… Try as I might to be unintrusive, though, I felt that I was [Read More…]

Daily Fragments: MacBeth, Muffin-Eating Mooses, and Dracula Dinosaurs

DAILY FRAGMENTS FOR OCTOBER 5, 2012 QUOTATIONS THE INVISIBLE HORDE: “Peaceful, loving Christians are the rule in both their frequency and lack of newsworthiness, and as a result – due to the availability heuristic – we underestimate their prevalence.” DON’T BE LIKE LADY MacBETH: “I am proud to be a follower of Jesus Christ, and [Read More…]