Speak Softly, Conservatives

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I’ve become a friend and collaborator with the Values and Capitalism project at the American Enterprise Institute.  They have a terrific team there, and no team member is more terrific than Tyler Castle, a promising young man who can do some great things with his career. I’m really pleased to offer this guest post from [Read More...]

Ronald Reagan’s Legacy & the Religious Right

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I’m grateful to my friend Mark Tooley for sharing this article. His bio is at the bottom of the post. * By Mark Tooley Regent University in Virginia Beach every year hosts a Ronald Reagan Symposium around Reagan’s February 6 birthday to examine his legacy. This year’s featured speakers like Calvin Coolidge biographer Amity Shlaes, [Read More...]

Phil Robertson’s Victory Over the Secular Theocracy


Editorial Note: This is the second installment in a two-part series on Duck Dynasty and what it reveals regarding America’s “secular theocracy,” from the inimitable David Theroux, President and CEO of the Independent Institute. If you missed it, read the first part here. * Duck Dynasty and the Secular Theocracy, Part II By David J. Theroux [Read More...]

Christianity at War

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By Galen Dalrymple War has been declared on Christianity. While I am tempted to say that no one can say with precision when this war started, that would not be true. It started when the Founder of our faith was born. The ruler of the tiny country where Jesus was born, King Herod, tried to [Read More...]

Syria, War and America’s Christians

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By Mark Tooley   The prospect of U.S. military action against Syria’s dictatorship has unusually united in opposition nearly all U.S. church and major Christian voices who have publicly spoken to the issue. Such uniformity is very unusual, and this episode may be a first. Of course, liberal led Mainline Protestant denominations, along with liberal [Read More...]