Breakfast Links for 11/14/12 – Jesus Jokes, A Country Unhinged, Destroying the Sphinx


BREAKFAST LINKS 11/14/12: Joel J. Miller, Patheos/Joel J. Miller: “There is an all-or-nonthingness to the war of the heart. The self-satisfied are too easily comforted by other means. But the desperate push on because they realize they have no other choice.” Edward Blum & Paul Harvey, Belief Blog: What All Those Jesus Jokes Tell Us [Read More...]

No Backing Down Against Teachers Unions


The coalition in defense of educational failure is comprised of teachers unions, the Democratic Party, and media/entertainment elites. Could education reform be one of the great objectives for Christians in the twenty-first century? Could it be the issue that brings white evangelicals and minority Democrats together? Films like “Won’t Back Down” show the way. [Read more...]

Breakfast Links for 11/13/12 – God’s Wild Mercies, God Will Let You Down, Stages of Religious Persecution


BREAKFAST LINKS 11/13/12: Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington: Thoughts on the 5 Stages of Religious Persecution Dwight Longnecker, Patheos/Standing On My Head: “God’s mercy takes us where the wild things are. We encounter God and it was not what we thought.” Frank Viola, Patheos/Frank Viola: “Get clear on this: God will let you down. He [Read More...]

Breakfast Links for 11/12/12 – Bamboozled Catholics; Betrayed on Two Fronts; the God of 2×4′s


BREAKFAST LINKS 11/12/12: Erin Straza, Patheos/Christ and Pop Culture: “In the middle of relationship, I have the chance to work out my choices—the good ones and the not-so-good ones—while anchored in steady acceptance and love.” George Neumayr, Real Clear Religion: How Obama Bamboozled Catholics Mark D. Roberts, Patheos/Mark D. Roberts: “David’s belief that he matters [Read More...]

Breakfast Links for 11/07/12: Voting with Queen Esther; the Last Nazi Hunter; Storms that Changed History


BREAKFAST LINKS 11/0712: Fr. Dwight Longnecker, Patheos Catholic Channel: “What they are selling is a false reality and, like all false realities, the bubble will burst. The buyer will be disappointed and the dreams will lie shattered. Better not to put your trust in princes.” America’s Top 10 Closest Presidential Elections Brenda Salter McNeil, [Read More...]