A Christian Vision for Kingdom Politics: Immanentize the Eschaton!


Rather than seek to Christianize the state and use it to restore a Christian social consensus, believing citizens should call the state to its true purpose—to serve justice, and by extension, the kingdom of God. This is Christians’ role in politics, and their service, both to the Lord and to their fellow man. [Read more...]

America Meets Reverend Romney

Reverend Romney

In a post entitled “Three Course Corrections: An Open Letter to Mitt Romney,” I wrote back in January that Romney should not be afraid to “let his faith flag fly.”  I took some heat from some of my friends for criticizing the campaign openly, but my intention was to be constructive, so I forwarded the [Read More...]

News Flash: Atheists Hate Romney


The Secular Coalition of America has released its candidate scorecard for 2012 and, to the absolute astonishment of absolutely nobody, Romney receives a failing grade. [Read more...]

Is “I Don’t Know” Political Suicide?

Solomon, the original wise guy.

At a meal recently with two men who were older and much wiser than myself, the prevailing theme of the conversation was what you might call “acquired ignorance.”  There’s so much we don’t know — and the further along we get in life, the less we’re willing to say that we know for certain. There [Read More...]

Does Romney’s Mormon Faith – or Obama’s Muslim Faith – Really Matter?

Obama Addresses Joint Session Of Congress On Jobs And The Economy

 JUST KIDDING.  I know that President Obama is not Muslim.  I think.  I mean, he attended a UCC church for 20 years, which is far too big a price to pay just to hide your true Islamic beliefs!  Right?  That’s like being waterboarded every Sunday for twenty years straight.  (To all my United Churches of [Read More...]