The Best Reaction Ever

I write most often at this blog on the faith dimensions of social, cultural and political issues.  But every now and then I can’t resist sharing a little from my family life.  So from time to time I’ll write about Why We Have Children or Why We Marry. One of the weapons in my daddy [Read More…]

Parenting in an Age of Affluence

I’ve been fortunate to come to know a lot of extraordinary people.  One of them is Ivy Ku, an exceptionally talented doctor (a Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Harvard pedigree isn’t too shabby) who is also an exceptionally committed follower of Jesus.  My wife grew up with Ivy, and Ivy and her husband are seeking to [Read More…]

Fathers, Don’t Abort Your Daughters

“I’m Having a Daughter” So you learned the baby you helped to conceive is a girl and not a boy.  Already frightened by the idea of fatherhood, already concerned about all the hardships and sacrifices parenting entails, already disoriented by the potential radical change this requires in the way you envision your future, you feel [Read More…]

Gift Ideas for Father's Day

My relationship with my father is, and has always been, one of the greatest blessings in my life. I hope that my daughters, one day, can say the same. It began with a sense of kinship. Even as a young boy, I was told how like my father I was. I look like him in [Read More…]