Morning Report: The "Socialist" Early Church, Not Supporting Rick Perry, Washington Wealth, and "Submission"

In the News 1.  Important pieces on “twin killings” or (more euphemistically) “reductions” — in which a twin, or two out of three triplets, are killed in the womb so that a mother can have only one child — from William Saletan and our own Nancy French. 2.  Phillip Klein at the Washington Examiner on [Read More…]

The Obedient Wives Club

The Obedient Wives Club was founded about a month ago in Malaysia, where it attracted a great deal of attention and 800 members, and now it’s establishing an Indonesian branch.  What is the Obedient Wives Club?  Reuters describes it as a collection of Muslim women who are “urging wives to avoid marital problems by fulfilling [Read More…]