Glee, West Wing, and Jesus: A Conversation with Stephen Prothero

I recently wrote a piece — in response to Stephen Prothero, writing at the CNN Belief Blog — explaining that I would celebrate the “coming out” of conservative Christians on television when they were not merely present and foils for arguments against their viewpoints, but were actually capable of explaining and defending their viewpoints coherently. [Read More…]

Glee, Friends, and Ted Kluck’s Spitfire: The Kinds of Christians We Need on TV

Stephen Prothero recently wrote at CNN’s Belief Blog that Christians, like gays, are “coming out” on television.  He refers to the popular show Glee, which features a gay couple, a lesbian couple, a transgender singer, and a “God Squad” of Christians whose sole purpose seems to be to provide Glee creator Ryan Murphy a foil against [Read More…]