The Long Journey from Javert to Valjean

A guest post from my sainted father, Galen C. Dalrymple: * Born Javert, Reborn Valjean By Galen C. Dalrymple Much has been written, by people far wiser than I, about the characters and story of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables. I just want to tell you my story and how it relates to Javert and Valjean. [Read More…]

The Theology of Les Miserables

I cannot think of any work of fiction that conveys the contrast between Law and Grace as vividly and profoundly as Les Miserables.  As a long-time fan of the novel and the musicals, I went to see the movie recently and enjoyed it immensely.  With minor variations, it’s a rendering of the musical, and the musical [Read More…]

The Glory of “For Greater Glory”

A few weeks ago I saw an early screening of For Greater Glory in Los Angeles. After the screening, I was prepared to write a conflicted review, one that celebrated the uplifting intentions of the film but lamented that the script was overstuffed, that it tried to tell too many stories at once and so [Read More…]

Five Hot Links: Sketchy Cheeseburgers, Teblo-viation, and Hollywood Pedophilia

1.  Dead Accident Victim to be Sued for Flying Body Parts.  I think that pretty much covers it. 2.  A California nutritionist conducted an experiment by placing a McDonald’s cheeseburger out in the open for a full year.  What happened?  Nothing.  Adriana Velez has a funny reaction: The bun got a little stale but otherwise [Read More…]

A Movement of "Courageous" Culture-Making Churches?

Here are a few paragraphs from what I wrote for the “Religion Notebook” in the next issue of World Magazine: The new movie Courageous played before a packed house in its red-carpet premiere in Atlanta on August 26th. It tells the story of a group of male friends who remember the importance of fatherhood and [Read More…]