Choose Family

I wasn’t planning to publish another post today, because I wanted to let the guest post from Rick Santorum have the day. ┬áBut I could think of no better way to complement Senator Santorum’s challenging message on forced abortions than to point to people who are making radical sacrifices to care for children whom the [Read More…]

The Three Most Dangerous Words in the World, and the Damnable Lie

The three most dangerous words in the world are “it’s a girl.” And it’s a damnable lie when we call infanticide and gendercide anything other than what it is: murder. [Read more…]

Why Would Steven Tyler Lie About His Abortion?

National Review Online recently published a piece by Kevin Burke on Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith fame) and his traumatic early experience with abortion. Tyler met a girl named Julia Holcomb at one of his concerts in 1973, when he was 25 and she was 16. They immediately became an item, and Tyler became her legal [Read More…]