Iraq’s Imperiled Christians

A Guest Post by Lela Gilbert: A rather startling headline appeared recently in Lebanon’s Daily Star:  Iraqi Christians fear fate of departed Jews. The story, by Salam Faraj, went on to report: After 10 years of attacks on Iraqi Christians, Monsignor Pios Cacha wonders if the ancient community’s days are numbered. ‘Maybe we will follow [Read More…]

What Christians Critics of the Iraq War Forget

A guest post from Mark Tooley: * It’s now been 10 years since the launch of the Iraq War.   And some religionists have exploited the anniversary as a time for national regret and spiritual repentance. Former McCormick Theological Seminary President Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, in a Washington Post online column, represents many of these voices  by condemning the Iraq [Read More…]

These French Never Surrender

I came to know David French through the extraordinary circle of friends who produce and  When I first asked David — a high-powered, Harvard-trained litigator, who was then with the Alliance Defense Fund — whether he might be interested in writing a column for the Evangelical Portal, I fully expected he’d say he [Read More…]