Harold Camping Needs an Intervention

Some of the intersections of faith and politics are so littered with landmines that it’s virtually impossible to navigate them without taking some shrapnel in the legs.  People of faith and good will must discuss them, however, if they’re matters worth discussing, lest we leave the conversation to those who simply enjoy or actually profit [Read More…]

Harold Camping's Statement: What Should it Say?

Oddly enough, Harold Camping chose the International Business Times to be the conduit for his message that he will deliver a statement by tomorrow evening on the reasons for the failed prediction and how he is responding to it.  Camping, says the IBT, looked “dazed and confused,” and “said he needed some time to think [Read More…]

On Harold Camping and May 21 – Readers Respond: Will Camping Confess?

The most “viral” thing I had written prior to today was Why We Have Children.  It’s probably, since I began writing for Patheos, the piece of which I am the most proud.  Yet today, the response to my Open Letter to Harold Camping and Those Who Expected Judgment Day has been something to behold.  Whether or not [Read More…]

A Letter to Harold Camping and Those Who Expected Judgment Day

[Note: Many thanks to those who have shared this letter.  Thanks to Ed, Dillon, Collin, and others who’ve posted links so far.  Please consider connecting with me on Facebook or Twitter, and please see the UPDATE at the end.] When people say, “It’s not the end of the world,” they usually mean those words to [Read More…]