Breakfast Links: Libya, Day of the Girl, Surges, Debates, Incest

BREAKFAST LINKS: Mark Thiessen: The Real Scandal About Libya Bloomberg: Please stop marrying children George Will: Obama’s Selective Defense of the Constitution Romney’s Surge and the Pro-Obama Press: For the past several months the pro-Obama press — which is most of it — has been portraying Romney in the harshest possible light. The standard account depicts him as [Read More…]

Morning Report, August 26th: The Last Lion, the Christian Mafia, the Living Lockerbie Bomber, and the Lost Work Ethic

One Christian’s perspective on the day’s news. 1.  Senator Edward Kennedy passed away last night from brain cancer.  The senior Senator from Massachusetts was regarded by friends and foes alike as one of the kindest and hardest working Senators in the Senate. President Obama released a statement saying: “An important chapter in our history has [Read More…]