More Reasons We Cannot Call Phelps the Greatest Olympian Ever

Comparing Olympic athletes across different sports is a tricky and subjective business — because not all gold medals are equal. Determining the greatest Olympian ever is not as simple as asking who won the most golds. [Read more…]

Is Michael Phelps Really the Greatest Olympian Ever?

Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian in he modern incarnation of the Olympic Games. But is he the “greatest Olympian” ever? It’s partly a question of definitions, but I would argue that he is not. [Read more…]

The Cosmic Pez Dispenser: More on Gabby Douglas, Jeremy Lin, and the Critics

Having just returned from a family mini-vacation in the north Georgia mountains, I discovered that my post on “Gabby Douglas, Jeremy Lin, and the God of Parking Spots” had generated some conversation.  Mary Elizabeth Williams at had criticized Douglas, the newly crowned all-around Olympic champion, for what one writer has called a facile faith [Read More…]

Gabby Douglas, Jeremy Lin, and the God of Parking Spots

My friend David French posts at French Revolution about journalistic snark directed toward Gabby Douglas and her professions of faith in the midst of her dazzling Olympic gold-medal-winning performance in the all-around at the London Games.  Mary Elizabeth Williams at Salon wrote: As a Christian myself (albeit one of those really freaky papist kinds), I’ve often wondered what [Read More…]

Could Gabby Douglas be the Tiger Woods of the Gymnastics World?

Gabby Douglas won the all-around title at the London Olympics today, becoming the most recent American women’s gymnastics champion in the line of Mary Lou Retton, Carly Patterson and Nastia Liukin.  What sets Gabby Douglas apart, of course, aside from the fact that she is simply her own gymnast and a different human being, is [Read More…]