Mandela, the Providentially Ordained Nationalist

A guest post from Mark Tooley, President of the Institute on Religion and Democracy: * Amid all the justified accolades for Nelson Mandela there’s been some online skirmishing between a few on the right insisting Mandela was a Marxist and some on the left lambasting prominent conservatives 30 years ago (William Buckley, Richard Cheney) who [Read More…]

Evangelical Support for Immigration Reform is Biblical, Not Political

Many thanks to Matthew Soerens, who specializes on immigration issues for World Relief, for reading the recent guest post from Mark Tooley and offering this response:  * Evangelical Support for Immigration Reform is Biblical, Not Political By Matthew Soerens Recently there appeared here at Philosophical Fragments a guest post by Mark Tooley, president of the Institute for [Read More…]

For Evangelicals, the Temptation of Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Philosophical Fragments (join our new Facebook account to the right) has become a staging ground for serious evangelical reflection on matters of public policy — thanks to friends engaged in policy discussions who want to share their faith perspective.  As always, guest posts do not necessarily reflect my own views.  Many thanks to Mark Tooley of [Read More…]

Is the Defense of Traditional Marriage Like the Defense of Slavery?

I’ve noted before how labeling the struggle for same-sex marriage as a Civil Rights struggle on a par with the struggle for racial equality makes further conversation on the matter nearly impossible.  While I believe (and I would encourage all Christians to believe) that every homosexual individual deserves all of the same rights and protections [Read More…]