Jay Cutler, Michael Vick, and NFL Concussions

Last night, in a matchup against the Houston Texans, Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler took a helmet-to-helmet cheap-shot to the head.  The linebacker who dealt the blow remained in the game — and so did Cutler.  He was hit in the head again on the next play, stayed in for another six plays, and then [Read More…]

Morning Report, August 28: Family Missions, the Gospel in Space, Insurance for Aliens, Mindless Fandom, Stupid Senators, More on KennedyCare, and the Rise of the "Afterbirthers"

One Christian’s perspective on the day’s news: 1.  An excellent new website directs families to ministry opportunities locally and internationally.  Families looking to spend purposive time together will find great resources, and organizations in need of volunteers will find families eager to serve.  I am interested in creating a similar resource for individuals at Patheos, [Read More…]