Overcoming Sex Addiction

Yesterday, in the light of a new book by pastor T. C. Ryan on his struggle with a pornography addiction, I reflected on the nature of sex addiction and addictions generally.  The basic dynamics of addiction, I suggested, are identical to the basic dynamics of sin.  We are made to rest in God and God’s [Read More…]

Understanding Sex Addiction

What do you do when a pornography addiction has taken over your life?  What do you do when your sexual urges are overwhelming your thoughts, your relationships, your power to resist?  Then, what do you do when you’re also a person in a position of moral or spiritual authority — a parent, a teacher, or (God forbid) [Read More…]

Five Thoughts on Vocation

Last night I had the occasion to share some thoughts on the theology of vocation.  One of the greatest legacies of the Protestant Reformation, the doctrine of vocation has fallen on hard times.  In the midst of economic crisis, in the midst of public pressures to private and compartmentalize our faith, and in the midst [Read More…]