Would a Romney Presidency Fuel the Growth of Mormonism? — Romney and Evangelicals, Pt 2

Should Christians reject a Mormon Presidential candidate for fear that a Mormon presidency would help Mormons evangelize? When I received Warren Cole Smith’s contribution to our discussion on Faith and the Future of Social Conservatism, I gave it the title, “A Vote for Romney is a Vote for the LDS Church.”  (Believe it or not, I [Read More…]

Is it Bigotry to Oppose a Candidate on Religious Grounds? – Romney and Evangelicals, Pt. 1

If you believe that a set of religious beliefs is fundamentally mistaken, even detrimental to the eternal fate of its adherents, does this make you a bigot?  Are you a bigot if you believe that people who hold to this set of religious beliefs are less desirable as potential Presidents? Romney, Evangelicals and Bigotry I [Read More…]

Are Mormons Too Kooky for President? No.

A piece from our symposium on faith and the future of social conservatism — Warren Cole Smith’s explanation of why he does not believe that he, as an evangelical, can support Mitt — has upset some Mormon readers of Patheos.  And some non-Mormons too, for that matter.  My hope is always, even when people are [Read More…]