Breakfast Links for 11/08/12 – Things Recently Neglected; the Shadow of Tyrants; Dandelion Dust

BREAKFAST LINKS 11/0812: Joe Carter, Patheos/Joe Carter’s Commonplace: “Now that we got The Most Important Election in Our Lifetime out of the way, let’s move on to truly important matters. Let’s spend some time focusing on culture and our families and our local communities. Let’s spend time on the areas of life we’ve been neglecting [Read More…]

How Kevin James Put his Faith in “Here Comes the Boom”

Recently I was invited to interview the comedic actor Kevin James (television’s long-running King of Queens and many movies such as Hitch, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Grownups, The Dilemma, and Zookeeper) and to screen his film hitting theaters now, Here Comes the Boom.  In the film, Kevin James is Scott Voss, a burned-out teacher who rediscovers a purpose in [Read More…]

“Unconditional” Love

My friend Darren Moorman was one of the producers of the film, Unconditional.  He’s a hugely talented Christian in the filmmaking industry, and I hope to show some of the short films he has produced — films that were directed by another believing friend of mine, Matt Pope, including one short film for which I wrote [Read More…]

What Would You Do if You Were Untouchable?

NOTE: The following is a guest post from my sainted father, Galen C. Dalrymple, Director of Operations for, an organization devoted to crowd-sourcing compassion and empowering ministries serving the neediest children in the world. Recently the filmmakers of Not Today, along with my friends at Lovell-Fairchild, invited me to India to learn more about [Read More…]

The Glory of “For Greater Glory”

A few weeks ago I saw an early screening of For Greater Glory in Los Angeles. After the screening, I was prepared to write a conflicted review, one that celebrated the uplifting intentions of the film but lamented that the script was overstuffed, that it tried to tell too many stories at once and so [Read More…]