Will Democrats Cave in Order to Avoid Revisiting the Debt Ceiling Before 2012? – UPDATED

[Note: See Update Below] I did not wake up this morning expecting to be impressed by the clever political maneuvering of John Boehner.  If I correctly interpret the events of the past few days, however, then count me impressed.  I suspect that Boehner might have cornered Democrats, so they will have to make major concessions [Read More…]

Morning Report, August 6th: Psychological Barriers, Prisoner Rape, Homecoming, Homeowning, Astroturf and Swastikas

1.  A task force of the American Psychological Association spent a substantial amount of money and effort in order to conclude–are you ready for it?–that “psychological barriers” such as uncertainty, mistrust and denial prevent Americans from taking action to combat climate change.  Did they ask whether some (note that I say “some”) of that uncertainty [Read More…]