Make Your College Years Last Forever

God’s gracious communion is the one thing needful. No matter what else might be taken from you, if you have that, then you have enough and more than enough. The goods of the world will come and go. Yet the peace and the joy of your fellowship with God through faith in Jesus Christ will endure forever. [Read more…]

What to Seek in Your College Years: An Open Letter

Whether or not your college years will be “the best years of your life,” they will almost certainly be among the most transformative. The question is whether that transformation will be for the better. [Read more…]

An Open Letter to a College Freshman

Dear Freshman, At last your time has come. ¬†Leaving behind the old¬†world and the deep ruts you carved in the corner of that world that belonged to you, you’re off to explore undiscovered countries, to join a new and ever-replenishing society of fascinating people and learned scholars and impassioned artists and driven achievers, off to [Read More…]