Sex, God and Politics


Is sex more satisfying for conservative women?  Or are liberal women just making an idol out of sex? The always-stimulating (no pun intended) Mark Regnerus, a Patheos blogger and one of the most significant sociologists of religion practicing the craft today (and Mark is a gadfly in the most salutary sense, but far more controversial than [Read More...]

Breakfast Links for 10/30/12: Trick or Tract, Persecution Perspectives, Not Revival but Revolution


BREAKFAST LINKS 10/30/12: Adrian Warnock, Patheos: “I look at your media, your political adverts, your adversarial debates, and I wonder, how long before your nation tears itself apart? Can either of the candidates unite the land?” Frank Viola, Patheos: ““What is needed in the body of Christ is not restoration. It’s not even revival. What [Read More...]

Why We Need More Religion in Politics, Not Less


Last week I received another expression of a very common sentiment in the comments box at Philosophical Fragments – and the commenter wished it known that she was “not a libertine” but a 50-year-old former-Christian woman with a long marriage and three children, two in the military.  She wrote: George Bush and his supporters were a [Read More...]

Breakfast Links: Libya Denial, President Screwtape, Romney and Cults


BREAKFAST LINKS: Dan Balz: A Critical Week in America Andrew McCarthy at NRO: Denying the Libya Scandal Fabulous Felix: Faster Than Sound Pakistanis Rally for Girl Who Was Shot Isaac Sharp: Screwtape for President Paul de Vries: Why Pray When You Can Worry About Election Day Nick Hahn at RCR: When Hulkamania Runs a Little Too Wild Another Ridiculous Attempt [Read More...]

Daily Fragments: Einstein, Purple iPhone Haze and Hate Speech


Daily Fragments for 10/08/2012: Quotation How to Win Against Hate Speech  “…the strongest weapon against hateful speech is not repression, it is more speech.” Every Day With Jesus – “Let’s come straight out and say it.  Every day with Jesus is not sweeter than the day before.  Let’s forget that nonsense about the victorious Christian [Read More...]