Margaret Thatcher, Colossus

Her alma mater may not be thrilled with her politics, but one American university would be happy to claim her. Margaret Thatcher came to Houston Baptist University and I cherish a picture of one of the university founders walking with her into the event held in her honor. I know from speaking to him the [Read More…]

Morning Report, August 24: Maybe Bush Wasn't the Problem, the Dangers of Public Employee Unions, Super-Rubio, Complementarianism, Evolution and Mahaney

In the News 1.  OBAMA: THE MAN WITH THE PLAN?  Although it contains a generous helping of the usual Obama-adoration (“He’s Tiger Woods — a natural who’s lost his swing”) from someone whose own sensibilities align with the President’s in almost every particular, Thomas Friedman’s column today is worth reading if only for this point: [Read More…]