The Accidental Radical: A Conversation with Richard Foster, the Wisdom Chaser

I’m sorry to have posted sparsely this week. My newborn is facing some health complications — yet she seems, thankfully, to be pulling through. (You may also note that there are some changes to the blog, including the URL. We have a redirect established, but please take the time now to update your bookmarks or [Read More…]

Spiritual Life in the Age of Machines — Richard Foster Interview

Continuing my interview with Richard Foster…with his new book hitting the shelves, Sanctuary for the Soul: Can we continue the contemplative spiritual disciplines in the modern world? Or does meditation have no place in a technological world? Those who really give themselves to the technology are the ones to discover those little nudges toward Christ [Read More…]

Richard Foster on Teaching the Spiritual Disciplines to Your Church and Your Children

Recently I had the opportunity to sit down with Richard Foster — he has a new book out, Sanctuary for the Soul — and speak with him about contemplative prayer in the modern world.  Foster is a marvel of grace and humility and wisdom.  I couldn’t decide what to do with this material, since it [Read More…]

Narcissus's Camera

I’ve now written “Are Conservative Churches Getting Radical?” and “The Dangers of ‘Radical Faith’ (and What They Teach Us.”  I hope tomorrow to publish more positive suggestions on what radical discipleship might look like, especially in community (and in conversation with David Platt’s Radical Together), but presently I want to explain something in greater detail. [Read More…]

What Ever Happened to Wisdom?

I planned to write a piece today on the institution of marriage, but I’m attending a conference of sorts (I’m not exactly sure what this is) and the hours slipped through my over-caffeinated fingers.  Instead I’ll offer an off-the-cuff reflection on the beauty and the precious rarity — especially in this age — of wisdom. [Read More…]