Bad Epistemology

By Mark Goldblatt “There is nothing new under the sun,” the author of Ecclesiastes assured us more than two millennia ago. Among the questions he glosses over, however, is how the sun got there in the first place. Which brings us to the Big Bang. In case you haven’t noticed, the origin of the world [Read More…]

The Christian Educator’s Dilemma

Editor’s Note: From John Mark Reynolds, Provost of Houston Baptist University: Complain about Beyoncé at the Super Bowl and you’re a prude: after all, Beyoncé in her underwear is just like Elvis grinding his clothed hips. Point out that education is making little use of technological tools, dressing up mid-twentieth-century techniques in shiny applications, and you’re [Read More…]

The Return of Rod Dreher

After a lengthy blogging exile during his tenure at the Templeton Foundation, Rod Dreher is back and blogging professionally, and still one of the best in the business.  The sheer amount of content Rod produces is mind boggling. If it’s been a while since you’ve read Dreher’s blog, or if you never have, check out [Read More…]