The Line Between Sexual Freedom and Sexual Perversion

I just wrote on the controversy-du-jour regarding the role of “authority” and male headship in the bedroom.  Since I explained it in detail in the preceding post, please go there if you need context.  But I want to respond as well to Rachel Held Evans’ response. First of all, I strongly agree with this point: [Read More…]

Sex, Bondage and Domination

Accusations of Endorsing Sexual Aggression I had recently arrived for a trimester at Oxford when I took a stroll down High Street and stopped in a little square beneath Carfax Tower.  Two straw-haired street urchins were there, apparently all alone, dirty and unkempt.  One of them came to me and asked if I had any [Read More…]

Naked Women and Naked Girls

Pornographic Images I first saw naked women in pornography magazines by flashlight in an underground fort I had built with my brother and friends in an empty field beside a train track in Tracy, California.  We had raided the fort that another group of boys had dug, found copies of Playboy and Hustler and hurried [Read More…]

Debt Ceiling, Dan Savage, China on Human Rights, Singer and Lennox Debate, and More Mahaney – The Morning Report, 7/13/11

In the News 1.  To those who enjoy following the inside-baseball of the debt-ceiling wheeling and dealing, here are a couple links for you.  Mark Salter has an interesting take on Obama’s maneuvering.  Keith Koffler thinks the McConnell plan is a brilliant maneuver.  Michael Goodwin is growing weary of Obama’s half-truths.  And Larry Kudlow explains [Read More…]

The Sex Test, Abortion, and the War Against Girls

It is one of the cruelest ironies of the modern abortion movement that while the movement advanced under the banner of women’s rights, it is unborn girls, in monstrously disproportionate number, who have been aborted. If you must read only one thing this weekend, it should be Jonathan Last’s book review of “Unnatural Selection” by Mara [Read More…]