Daily Fragments: Encouragement, the Power of Labels, Corporate Responsbility, Understanding Faith

Daily Fragments for 10/11/2012: Quotations Sausages, Pancakes and Encouragement: “Fussing. That’s what he did. He fussed over Mama. In a good way. In that way of people who love their jobs and love the people they serve.” The Danger of Sexual Labeling: “These labels we give each other take all the nuances that are our [Read More…]

The Line Between Sexual Freedom and Sexual Perversion

I just wrote on the controversy-du-jour regarding the role of “authority” and male headship in the bedroom.  Since I explained it in detail in the preceding post, please go there if you need context.  But I want to respond as well to Rachel Held Evans’ response. First of all, I strongly agree with this point: [Read More…]

Sex, Bondage and Domination

Accusations of Endorsing Sexual Aggression I had recently arrived for a trimester at Oxford when I took a stroll down High Street and stopped in a little square beneath Carfax Tower.  Two straw-haired street urchins were there, apparently all alone, dirty and unkempt.  One of them came to me and asked if I had any [Read More…]

Naked Women and Naked Girls

Pornographic Images I first saw naked women in pornography magazines by flashlight in an underground fort I had built with my brother and friends in an empty field beside a train track in Tracy, California.  We had raided the fort that another group of boys had dug, found copies of Playboy and Hustler and hurried [Read More…]

Can Homosexuals Change Their Desires? – From the Mailbox

A recent post, “Is Homosexuality Voluntary?“, asked whether homosexual desires, or sexual desires more generally, can be shifted (or “cultivated”) over time.  I received a letter from a good friend, whom I will call JH.  After saying some nice complimentary things that needn’t be repeated here, JH wrote: …It seems to me that there are [Read More…]