On Identity and Political Christianity

When I was growing up, I believed our church to be mostly apolitical. This was because we were anti-dominionist. As premillennialists (Christians who believe that Christ will return before the millennium, a period of paradise on earth), we believed that Western government was irredeemable and that getting involved in politics was submitting to “the prince [Read More…]

Settling in and Getting Organized: check out my (restored) blogroll!

You may have noticed that the menu section now includes a link to my blogroll. It took a while to put back together, but I’ve managed to save all the links I had collected on wordpress.com. I’ve also been working on organizing my google accounts, so I can better stay on top of the latest [Read More…]

Electrick Children (July 2012): A New Indie Drama about a Girl’s Journey out of Fundamentalist Mormonism

Following up Paradise Recovered as the second recent cinematic portrayal of a fundamentalist girl’s journey out of oppressive religion, Electrick Children was released in the UK on July 13, 2012. Starring Julia Garner, the movie follows 15-year-old Rachel McKnight, who discovers and listens to a forbidden rock and roll cassette tape and has a new [Read More…]