Blogging update

It’s been several months since I posted anything, and some readers have asked me about my plans. In short, I don’t know. I’ve been blogging (first at No Longer Quivering, then on my own) for four years. I began with a heap of stories about fundamentalism and the act of leaving that I felt needed [Read More…]

Settling in and Getting Organized: check out my (restored) blogroll!

You may have noticed that the menu section now includes a link to my blogroll. It took a while to put back together, but I’ve managed to save all the links I had collected on I’ve also been working on organizing my google accounts, so I can better stay on top of the latest [Read More…]

A short break

Hey everybody. I want to apologize first for the unexplained silence on my blog for the past couple of days. Truth is, I’ve damaged my wrist. Writing hurts. So I’m going to spend a couple of days icing and relaxing it and finding myself a wrist brace. I’ll be back to my daily blogging soon, [Read More…]

Changes afoot!

Hang tight, everybody! We’re going to Patheos! (The new URL will be, but you’ll be redirected anyway.) The Phoenix and Olive Branch is about to join its sister sites No Longer Quivering and Love, Joy, Feminism on Patheos. I’m very excited to be part of Patheos’ ever-expanding conversation. Here’s a preview of some of [Read More…]

The Phoenix and Olive Branch: What’s in a Name?

What kind of obscure title is that, anyway? What does it mean? It’s a symbol of the way my thinking has changed since leaving fundamentalism. Let me explain. I was raised to be a dove. Gentle, innocent, inoffensive. Daughters of Christian Patriarchy must be meek, obedient, quiet, modest and pleasant. Submissive. Nurturing. Smiling. At all [Read More…]