The Unforgivable Sin

Recently, someone stumbled upon my blog while googling this question: is the unforgivable sin abortion? I’d forgotten all about worrying about the unforgivable sin. For years, I was filled with anxiety that I might have accidentally “blasphemed the Holy Spirit” by saying something disrespectful, taking communion unworthily, harboring anger against my father, preferring outdoor activities [Read More…]

Why I Don’t Use Bible Verses as Evidence

It has been noted that my writing comes from experience and is secular in nature. This frustrates some of my readers and gratifies others. Here is where I officially stand on the matter. Bible verses are extremely soft evidence. Fundamentalists have taken them to “inherently” mean something they have made up for themselves. The notion [Read More…]

The Old-School Logic of Abortion in the Message

I recently had a discussion with Libby Anne at Love, Joy Feminism¬†about the logic of anti-abortion beliefs in evangelical and fundamentalist Christianity. I was struck by the difference in our past experiences. Although the Message has grown to look more and more like mainstream evangelical Christian culture by embracing courtship, the Republican party, Vision forum [Read More…]