Funny Quote of the Day

Fundamentalists use the Bible the way a drunk uses a lamp post: always for support and never for illumination. Attributed to Rev. William Sloane Coffin [Read more…]

5 Phrases Christians Should Say More Often

Reluctant Xtian has written a follow-up to his previous post, which I linked here. 5 Phrases I Think Christians Should Say More Often An excerpt: 5) “Let’s read a book together; your choice.” This might seem like a dumb request, or some awkward way to try to curry favor with someone, but I’m absolutely serious.  [Read More…]

5 Phrases Christians Shouldn’t Say

I just ran across the wonderful article below and heartily recommend it: Reluctant Xtian: 5 Phrases I think Christians Shouldn’t Say An excerpt:  Consider these phrases that I’ve actually heard: “It’s not Christian to fire that person.” (Implication: A Christian can’t do some things because they’re seen as “mean”) “It’s not Christian to think those [Read More…]