Rapid Response

'The recent protests of Pope Benedict's planned address to the Roman university La Sapienza demonstrate, yet again, what happens when you open your mind so much that your brains fall out.The protestors referenced a quote that Pope Benedict cited in a speech in 1990 The quote was from the philosopher Feyerbend, justifying the Church's actions against Galileo. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to read beyond the quote or they would have seen that he distanced himself from it. Nevertheless, they … [Read more...]

Reel Life

By Pia de SolenniThe American SpectatorPublished 1/11/2008 12:03:02 AMMore than 2,000 years ago, the Roman playwright Plautus described a scene in which two fathers are talking with each other, as neighbors would talk over the fence in a modern suburb. One father laments that his son got a girl pregnant. The second father warns him that should he react too strongly, the first father will lose not only a son, but a daughter just as he did … [Read more...]

Saving Sex City

Is Jesus on the streets of Las Vegas? Most people who've been to Vegas haven't come away thinking much about Jesus and Vegas - the two seem incompatible. But, an ex-stripper and a former hooker are doing their best to prove he's there.','This LA Times blog features the story of Annie Lobert and Heather Veitch who are taking it to the streets, and the strip joints, and the bars, and the casinos - basically all over downtown Las Vegas - to bring the news of Christianity. While I don't know much … [Read more...]

In the Christmas Spirit

In the spirit of the season which celebrates the birth of the Savior for whom there was "no room at the inn," this San Diego Tribune story from the AP tells how a U.S. soldier adopted a boy with cerebal palsy from Iraq.','In addition to the Captain's heroic actions, the piece relates the role of the Missionaries of Charity, the movie The Passion, and -most significantly- the soldier's own family upbringing, clearly making the point that no action is isolated and every action affects someone even … [Read more...]

We are fa-mi-ly….

'We hear a lot about the demise of the family, about the role of the family, etc. But this year the World Day of Peace Message puts the family front and center.A tradition started by Pope Paul VI, the Message takes the opportunity to address current concerns about the situation or lack of peace in the world from the perspective of the Catholic Church. Naturally, the text is not specific to Catholics. People of all faiths or even no faith can find direction and solace in the message. This year, … [Read more...]

A fine line between traditional and simply tacky.

Many cultures have customs where the father gives the mother of his child a gift upon the birth of their child. Now that tradition has been dropped to a ridiculously low level of tackiness. Let's take it back.','This NYT article covers a relatively new trend - "push presents, " presents given to women because they've carried a pregnancy to term and delivered the child. The attitude expressed in the article is that the father got his present (the child) and now the mother deserves a present for … [Read more...]