It’s all moms fault

Here's a new twist on demographic issues. Russell Shorto, an experienced and well published author, takes a look at the demographic crisis facing much of Europe and comes to the conclusion that it's all because of stay-at-home moms.','He makes the case that countries that offer more support for working mothers, like Sweden, have a higher birthrate because women can work and have children. He gives Italy as an example of a country where stay-at-home moms have fewer children than working moms and … [Read more...]

The Myths Of Feminism…again

Yet again, a story of the failings of feminism. This time, it's told by the daughter of feminist icon Alice Walker.','Rebecca Walker tells her story here which is also a story of the failings of feminism. Not surprising, it includes her own abortion experience. Read here. (Tip from Michelle Malkin and Kathryn Lopez on their respective websites.) I originally read about her in this piece where she gives some provocative and not very pc advice: I keep telling these women in college, ‘You need to … [Read more...]

How generous of China….

'The recent earthquake in China has prompted some unexpected "generosity" on the part of the Chinese government....','China, widely known for it's one-child policy which translates into forced abortion and forced sterilizations, appears to be making some concessions. The government is lifting its one-child policy for parents who lost a child in the earthquake.The committee announced Monday that if a couple's legally born child was killed in the earthquake, an illegal child under 18 years … [Read more...]

Sex & The City

With all the buzz about the new Sex and the City movie, it's important to keep things in perspective...The HBO series created a culture of its own. I recall being on airplanes and overhearing women who were trying to make it home in time to watch SATC with their friends. A recent survey indicates just how much the series influenced women and the culture at large.While I don't endorse the lifestyle proposed by the show, I can think of some positive - yes, positive - influences it had. For one … [Read more...]

Prominent Catholic Pols & Communion

[Archbishop Naumann weighs in and reminds Gov. Sebelius of her responsibilities as a Catholic pol. Novak's column here.][Another addition - Archbishop Wuerl's response.][In addition to the sources below, Sandor Magister, an Italian journalist published this piece which includes the famous letter of Cardinal Ratzinger to the US Bishops.]Yet, again, the question arises concerning prominent Catholic politicians who are publicly at odds with the teachings of the Catholic Church and who … [Read more...]

How much is that baby in the window?

'There have been a lot of recent articles on the expanding market for surrogate mothers, whether in developing countries or here at home. And, not unusually, the practice becomes at least somewhat established - if not fully established - before the commentary begins. Now the questions begin.','Ellen Goodman has this piece in the Boston Globe. She writes: It's the commercialism that is troubling. Some things we cannot sell no matter how good "the deal." We cannot, for example, sell ourselves … [Read more...]