A fine line between traditional and simply tacky.

Many cultures have customs where the father gives the mother of his child a gift upon the birth of their child. Now that tradition has been dropped to a ridiculously low level of tackiness. Let's take it back.','This NYT article covers a relatively new trend - "push presents, " presents given to women because they've carried a pregnancy to term and delivered the child. The attitude expressed in the article is that the father got his present (the child) and now the mother deserves a present for … [Read more...]

It all went down hill with the Spice Girls.

'Author and playwright Fay Weldon - sometimes described as a feminist - has an interesting piece in The Daily Mail in which she maintains that the girl band Spice Girls has had a long and deleterious effect on women and feminism.','The Daily Mail is a mix of news and gossip, probably more gossip than news. But I always find it interesting when feminists point out the fallacies in other supposedly feminist endeavors. Spice Girls "girl power" has done little to improve things for women. Their … [Read more...]

“It’s not anti-abortion…it’s pro-adulthood.”

A.O. Scott reviews a new movie dealing with teen pregnancy in an unexpected, even comedic, way. It might actually be somewhat realistic.I haven't seen the movie, but this review makes me think I should. If anything, it's clear that the language surrounding abortion is changing....I think changing for the better. Read the review here. … [Read more...]

Go green, save the planet, don’t divorce

'Want to save the planet? Reduce carbon emissions? Stay married. Study proves it.','Just after experiencing a twinge of guilt for turning up the heat, I read this article. Turns out that being married might offset my carbon imprint. Divorce costs an additional $6.9B in energy costs per year. Read here. … [Read more...]

Learning to say: “I love you.”

Work - life balance is a hot theme now. How do you balance the demands of a successful professional career with your personal needs? Do you even get to have a life outside of work?After years of not achieving the balance, a group of Japanese businessmen have taken it upon themselves to learn how to be husbands. Some of them were absentee fathers. All of them had marriages that deteriorated. But one of them took it upon himself to work with other men to learn how to be better husbands. In some … [Read more...]

College for everyone?

While it's important for as many people as possible to be educated, does it mean that everyone should go to college? Maybe it's time to start challenging the conventional wisdom about going to college...','Thomas Sowell, an economist and former professor now with the Hoover Institute, has a new piece discussing why it may not be a good idea to increase the numbers of students attending college. As someone who knows and respects many successful people who had little or no college education, I'm … [Read more...]