Gimme, Gimme

When we go about having children the way we order a customized car, design a kitchen, or buy a wardrobe, maybe it's a sign that we should get a pet or stick to inanimate things like cars, clothing, and cuisinarts rather than babies.....','The New York Times has this piece on reducing the chances of multiple births for women who use IVF to become pregnant. Granted, infertility is a very difficult thing to deal with, but it doesn't follow that we can therefore use any means to achieve what we … [Read more...]

Truth Can Be Ugly

As most US citizens know, the abortion debate is not over. It rages on. I've mentioned before certain pro-life shifts in the culture, especially with regard to film. A recent film, 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days, takes another step in the pro-life direction. But this film isn't a feel-good experience by any means.  ','The film shows the face of abortion - in all its components: the woman, the fetus, the doctor, the friend....the horror that is the reality. This is one film where the preview was … [Read more...]

…we’re all survivors of abortion

'35 years after Roe v. Wade and abortion is still not settled in this country. I call that a victory for pro-life activists. What's even better is that more and more young people are leading the fight. Some even identify themselves as "abortion survivors" because they were born after 1973 when the Supreme Court issued its decision.','The LA Times has this story about various youth initiatives to counter the pro-abortion culture. In addition, if you haven't read the Roe decision, here's a link. … [Read more...]

Rapid Response

'The recent protests of Pope Benedict's planned address to the Roman university La Sapienza demonstrate, yet again, what happens when you open your mind so much that your brains fall out.The protestors referenced a quote that Pope Benedict cited in a speech in 1990 The quote was from the philosopher Feyerbend, justifying the Church's actions against Galileo. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to read beyond the quote or they would have seen that he distanced himself from it. Nevertheless, they … [Read more...]

Reel Life

By Pia de SolenniThe American SpectatorPublished 1/11/2008 12:03:02 AMMore than 2,000 years ago, the Roman playwright Plautus described a scene in which two fathers are talking with each other, as neighbors would talk over the fence in a modern suburb. One father laments that his son got a girl pregnant. The second father warns him that should he react too strongly, the first father will lose not only a son, but a daughter just as he did … [Read more...]

Saving Sex City

Is Jesus on the streets of Las Vegas? Most people who've been to Vegas haven't come away thinking much about Jesus and Vegas - the two seem incompatible. But, an ex-stripper and a former hooker are doing their best to prove he's there.','This LA Times blog features the story of Annie Lobert and Heather Veitch who are taking it to the streets, and the strip joints, and the bars, and the casinos - basically all over downtown Las Vegas - to bring the news of Christianity. While I don't know much … [Read more...]