Among the Intellectualoids… Hooked for Life

Among the Intellectualoids Hooked for Life By Pia de SolenniThe American Spectator Published 9/28/2007 12:07:57 AMEquipped with the self-revelatory means of media -- blogs, podcasts, YouTube, MySpace, radio, reality television, even op-ed writers -- armchair psychologists are never at a loss for new subjects. But even they might suffer from TMI (too much information) at times. These various media encourage, allow, and facilitate the revealing of personal information that many of us would … [Read more...]

Feminine Singular

From the AMERICAN SPECTATOR - January 2007 SEX USED TO HAVE SOMETHING to do with marriage. That was then, this is now. Now, sex happens in more ways and places than perhaps ever before; but people don't seem much happier for it. Consider the fact that sex is everywhere, men and women claim to be looking for love and commitment, and the singles industry is booming; but the marriage rate doesn't appear to be keeping pace and people seem to spend much more of their lives being single. In such a … [Read more...]

Render unto Caesar

Archbishop Chaput took a recent opportunity to speak as a private citizen about the upcoming election and the pro-life issues we face.While I understand why the Archbishop made clear that he was speaking as a private citizen, I see no problem with his words had he been speaking as an Archbishop of the Catholic Church.For too long, the abortion issue has been conflated and confused. Catholics appeart to not know the teaching of the Church or at least they lack an understanding of it. … [Read more...]