Presidential Debates Reveal Two Clashing Views Of Women

Just before yesterday’s debate, a USA Today/Gallup poll showed Gov. Mitt Romney taking the lead over President Barack Obama. The lead was largely attributed to more women giving their support to the governor. As I wrote yesterday, this suggests that maybe, just maybe, women care about more than “pelvic politics” (abortion, contraception, abortion and abortion).The debates gave considerable evidence of each candidate’s view of women.Read more here.  … [Read more...]

What Women Want: Romney Leads Obama

An outside observer, say an anthropologist hundreds of years from now, might survey the evidence of our conversations and conclude that women were only concerned about their genital regions. Look no further than the so-called war on women, just another version of pelvic politics. You know, abortion, contraception, abortion, and, oh yes,  abortion. As if women have no other concerns.Well, a USA Today/Gallup poll now shows Gov. Romney taking the lead over Pres. Obama precisely because more w … [Read more...]