How much is that (custom) baby in the window?

So here’s the thing. If you’re looking for something to follow that’s strange, weird, and fascinating, forget reality TV or any other fiction. Just look into the largely unregulated world of assisted reproductive technologies (ART).It's all especially ironic in light of the attention given to the fact that Steve Jobs was adopted, not ordered like an iProduct.Read more here. … [Read more...]

All it takes is one person

The NYT has this great op-ed about the adoption of a young girl baby and how it was even possible for her to be adopted in the first place....all because of one man. The piece clearly indicates that lots of people knew about the plight of this abandoned baby girl and one man took action. That action resulted in saving her life and giving a daughter to loving parents in the US. Definitely a must read. Click here … [Read more...]