Benedict’s Resignation – Bringing the Church into the Modern Age

So, here's my two cents about B16's resignation. In a piece in the Washington Times today, I maintain that this is part of John Paul II and Benedict's vision for the future of the Church. You can read the piece here.Additionally, I think it's important to note that Benedict will be remembered for influencing two consistories conclaves. The last with his homily on the dictatorship of relativism and this with his extremely clear signals as to what the leadership of the Church should look … [Read more...]

Benedict XVI: Humble, Heroic, Groundbreaking Servant

I know, those adjectives don't always go together; but Benedict is a unique case. I was just in Rome where I wasable to be at a private audience with the Pope on Thursday. I was there for his address to the Order of Malta on Saturday, when the Order celebrated its 900th anniversary. And I was there on Sunday for the Angelus.When I left Rome on Monday morning, the news had not broken yet. Landed at Dulles and, well there you have it! History had been made just a few hours before. It's … [Read more...]

“All I want for Christmas is a family.”

The Telegraph, a UK news publication, reports that the top ten things that children put on their Christmas lists, included siblings and a dad. The number one gift children requested was a baby brother or sister. But it's their number ten request that speaks volumes: a dad. In my book, that's something that a child shouldn't have to put on a Christmas list. That should be a given, no pun intended.And yet, the fact that a sibling and a dad ranked so high on wish-lists gives me great hope. Even … [Read more...]

B16’s “Jesus of Nazareth”: it’s worth your time.

Released today, just in time for Lent – Pope Benedict’s new book, Jesus of Nazareth: Holy Week.Last week, the book made headlines with old news that needed to be heard again, namely that the Jewish people are not responsible for the death of Jesus. The book continues to make international news.Yesterday, Ignatius hosted a telepress conference to introduce the book. Experts included Fr. Fessio, Mark Brumley, Dr. Craig Evans, Dr. Jacob Neusner, Dr. Brant Pitre, Fr. Thomas Weinandy, and Dr. … [Read more...]

Pope ok’s condoms.

Now that I've got your attention, please buy a copy of the new book Light of the World, an interview of B16 by Peter Seewald, and find out for yourself. In addition to the question of condoms, you'll also find that Benedict is an incredibly interesting and deep leader.So, here's the scoop. L'Osservatore Romano, the Vatican newspaper (where I once worked), broke the embargo on the book and published some excerpts. Of course, if there's something to do with sex and anything Catholic, you can … [Read more...]

This, too, shall pass.

Pope Benedict gave animpromptu talk at the special synod on the Middle East. A synod is basically a meeting of regional bishops and other experts, typically to discuss particular issues and their local effects.Benedict started with a very deep theological treatment of the nature of Jesus as the second person of the trinity and went on to describe Mary's role as the mother of God. And then he applied it to several of the major issues affecting our world: financial markets, drugs, terrorism, … [Read more...]