Memorial Day: Honoring The Call To Serve

Memorial Day is more than commemorating the deceased. It's about honoring what it means to be a soldier, namely that one is ready to lay down his or her life for their country. Every soldier answers that call when deciding to enlist. Read more in my recent article here.Comments and thoughts are always welcome. … [Read more...]

Soldiers Voices

I don't normally weigh in on military matters, but in response to a recent PBS Newshour segment, I decided to do so since I have a vested interest. Basically, if our audiences are too fragile to hear an f-bomb, then they certainly lack the ability to stomach the real wounding and maiming of our troops. And while we're at it, such reports are heavily biased, short on context, and deeply hurtful to our troops and their families. My brother was killed two years ago today in Afghanistan. This type … [Read more...]