It Takes A Village – UPDATED.

My fellow bloggers here at Patheos have done a fantastic job highlighting the various problems surrounding the news of the Home (a house for unwed mothers and children) in Ireland, where the bodies of 800 infants, dead many years, were found in a septic tank in 1995.I'm still unclear why it's news now, almost twenty years after the finding. Nevertheless, it invites comment.Each of the bloggers points to the communal aspect of sin, all sin, which brings to mind Archbishop Diarmuid … [Read more...]

No Discussion, Please. We Want Diversity.

Oh that ignorant Catholic Church. Once again, it has a different view from those who preach "diversity."The Catholic Church in Poland has come under attack for apparently challenging "gender workshops," a type of sex-ed class in the schools that present children with "alternatives" to permanent monogamous heterosexual relations. According to an article in Our Sunday Visitor, the circumstances are not quite clear. Nevertheless, in a column for the, Agata Pyzik attacks the … [Read more...]

Benedict’s Resignation – Bringing the Church into the Modern Age

So, here's my two cents about B16's resignation. In a piece in the Washington Times today, I maintain that this is part of John Paul II and Benedict's vision for the future of the Church. You can read the piece here.Additionally, I think it's important to note that Benedict will be remembered for influencing two consistories conclaves. The last with his homily on the dictatorship of relativism and this with his extremely clear signals as to what the leadership of the Church should look … [Read more...]

An Infant King & Why It’s A Good Time To Be A Catholic

Well, the month of December pretty well got away from me. I was writing, but missed posting here on my blog.So to wrap things up, here's a piece reflecting on why God made man had to start as an infant.And here are some thoughts on why this is a good time to be a Catholic. I'd been reading some history and once again was reminded of the idea that only a divinely instituted church could survive humanity and all its foibles.Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! … [Read more...]