“Charlie Hebdo” – Free Speech Or A Very Different Issue Altogether?

The inexcusable and inhuman attacks on the staff of the French publication Charlie Hebdo have prompted some good discussion about free speech. But is free speech really the issue? George Weigel writes what may be the most interesting article on this topic and maintains that the Charlie doesn't actually fall under the category of satire. Rather its tone is closer to nihilism. The issue is not about rights, but about deeper philosophical considerations that shape our very understanding of the … [Read more...]

NPR + Planned Parenthood = More Bias

Just this week, KUOW, NPR's Seattle station, ran a story on the "Controversy Surrounding Limited Service Pregnancy Centers." In fact, it was a direct attack on a local ad campaign undertaken by the Vitae Foundation, a client of mine. (Vitae's response is here.)The problem with the ad campaign? It offered women choiceS - gasp! - about their pregnancies. It provided a website which clearly states that women have several options including abortion. It also makes clear that the website neither … [Read more...]

Freedom of Speech & Pregnancy Resource Centers

I recently wrote about freedom of speech and the pro-life movement. It seems to me that we have a substantial threat to our democracy when pro-lifers are not allowed to speak about their beliefs, when a rational conversation about a controversial topic won't be heard.Well, it turns out that freedom of speech is at issue in another pro-life sector. Today the US District Court for the District of Maryland ruled that the city of Baltimore's ordinance requiring pregnancy resource centers to list … [Read more...]