NPR + Planned Parenthood = More Bias

Just this week, KUOW, NPR's Seattle station, ran a story on the "Controversy Surrounding Limited Service Pregnancy Centers." In fact, it was a direct attack on a local ad campaign undertaken by the Vitae Foundation, a client of mine. (Vitae's response is here.)The problem with the ad campaign? It offered women choiceS - gasp! - about their pregnancies. It provided a website which clearly states that women have several options including abortion. It also makes clear that the website neither … [Read more...]

Freedom of Speech & Pregnancy Resource Centers

I recently wrote about freedom of speech and the pro-life movement. It seems to me that we have a substantial threat to our democracy when pro-lifers are not allowed to speak about their beliefs, when a rational conversation about a controversial topic won't be heard.Well, it turns out that freedom of speech is at issue in another pro-life sector. Today the US District Court for the District of Maryland ruled that the city of Baltimore's ordinance requiring pregnancy resource centers to list … [Read more...]