The Real Problem(s) With NFP

Yesterday, fellow blogger Greg Popcak posted a provocative piece, "There's No Such Thing As NFP." As a philosopher, I might quibble with some of his terminology. But I think he's spot on: NFP is simply information that allows couples to communicate and pray about how marital intimacy can help them grow in holiness and receptivity to God’s will.And: Incidentally,  I don’t mean to suggest that couples who don’t use NFP have no process in place for communicating and praying about how their mar … [Read more...]

NFP: Throwing Down The Gauntlet

NFP Awareness Week, not unlike NFP (natural family planning) is one of the Catholic Church’s best kept secrets. Memo to Dan Brown: I think you could come up with a great story here. This might be bigger than your tired Da Vinci Code.Several years ago, I was asked to do a radio interview about NFP Awareness Week at the end of July. I hadn’t even heard of it. I was convinced that the host of the show was wrong because, after all, who would run an awareness campaign during one of the slowest new … [Read more...]

Catholics Who Use Contraception Aren’t The Only Cafeteria Catholics.

Reading Simcha Fisher’s recent post on natural family planning (NFP) reminds me of the fact that there are lots of different types of cafeteria Catholics, that is Catholics who pick and choose which Church teachings they will accept. In this case, Simcha’s targeting that vocal minority that seems to question the licitness of NFP. Yes, even PODs (pious and overly devout Catholics, of which I’ve been said to be one) can be cafeteria Catholics.Honestly, part of me doesn’t understand how we can k … [Read more...]