Does Planned Parenthood Even Know What An Abortion Is?

So, there's a bit of controversy surrounding the proposed informed consent law in Virginia that would require women seeking abortions to have an ultrasound. Of course, radical abortion advocates find this offensive. Because women can't be trusted with information about their bodies, I guess.Couple of points:If they really care about women's health then wouldn't they want an abortion doctor to do an ultrasound so that the doctor can accurately know the age of the fetus and perform the … [Read more...]

NPR + Planned Parenthood = More Bias

Just this week, KUOW, NPR's Seattle station, ran a story on the "Controversy Surrounding Limited Service Pregnancy Centers." In fact, it was a direct attack on a local ad campaign undertaken by the Vitae Foundation, a client of mine. (Vitae's response is here.)The problem with the ad campaign? It offered women choiceS - gasp! - about their pregnancies. It provided a website which clearly states that women have several options including abortion. It also makes clear that the website neither … [Read more...]