Punting on the HHS Mandate & Campaign 2012

James Capretta over at NRO has a good piece on the latest "accommodation" on the HHS Mandate. National Catholic Reporter has an incredibly biased report, but they offer links to the relevant documents at the end of the article.But I can't pass up the opportunity to point out the bias from a so-called Catholic outlet.According to NCR:Taking a conciliatory tone and asking for a wide range of public comment, the Obama administration announced this afternoon new accommodations on a … [Read more...]

The Bishops’ New Statement & Some Next Steps

Yesterday, the US Catholic Bishops issued another statement on the HHS mandate, clarifying that the Catholic Church is not backing down:We will continue our vigorous efforts at education and public advocacy on the principles of religious liberty and their application in this case (and others). We will continue to accept any invitation to dialogue with the Executive Branch to protect the religious freedom that is rightly ours. We will continue to pursue legislation to restore the same level of … [Read more...]